Metalbending Meteor Rocks - Mother and Daughter

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LGBT & Queer representation in Orphan Black.

Queerplatonic—Clone Club
Bisexual—Cosima Niehaus
Bisexual—Delphine Cormier
Transgender (FTM)—Tony Sawicki
Gay—Felix Dawkins

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Zuko — Still Awkward 70 Years Later

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Desna and Eska are currently on a life-changing fieldtrip with Zuko

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"We sort of embrace the idea of every human having the potential to be anything, and I think that opens the door for all kinds of dialogue about sexuality and about gender. And it’s exciting material that is not always on screen in a respectful way. And I don’t mean respectful in the sense of martyrdom, I mean respectful in the sense of flawed, complex performance and characters.”

- Tatiana Maslany, (x)

Happy Pride, #CloneClub. We’re celebrating by reblogging your LGBT OB posts all weekend! Use the tag #OBPride so we can give your work the love it deserves.


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Katara, destroying the patriarchy.

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Oh yeah btw guys Korra premiers next week lol
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